Started by our European immigrant ancestors who instilled the desire to produce the “best” from the ranch, it is now in its fourth generation of family stewardship. The skills and knowledge passed down from each generation in the “traditional cowboy way” has enabled us to offer you the best quality beef we believe you can buy.
Our cattle ranch has a closed herd that is made up of Hereford, Angus, and Shorthorn crosses. We started keeping herd records when Apple III computers came out in the late 70's. We work hard at keeping production records throughout the production cycle of the cow raising a calf. This includes birth weights, wearing weights, 205 day weights, yearling weights, date born, and to calf dates. We manage our 500 head mother cow-herd by weighing individual animals at all stages of production on electronic chute scales. All this information is entered into Excel spreadsheet to help make herd management decisions including culling females that do not perform to the herd average standards. We have not purchased outside females since 1924. The only outside cattle purchased is our breed bulls. Also three years ago we purchased  three Angus bulls from a producer that has selected a specific gene that attributes higher quality, taste and tenderness from grass fed and grass finished beef.

Since we own and operate our own land and we have very extensive records, we wanted to create our own market that utilizes the unique traits that other cattle ranches do not have. With this in mind we decided become Certified Organic with Oregon Tilth in 2000. The transition was easy because of our past herd records. Every year during our annual inspection they are amazed at the details of our record keeping system. I ask how many other ranchers keep records like ours and they say none! Our meticulous record keeping and breeding programs offers you the most wholesome and best grass fed/grass finished beef you may ever eat!


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